How oatmeal transformed me into a money machine

Wait, oatmeal, into a money machine? Yes, this little oats that I bake literally every evening for my breakfast changed the whole game for my business.

You can find my oat meal recipe at the end of the article.

Focus is the number one component for success.

We all know that, but how can we create focus?

Sure, turning off the phone and notifications. But what if we have no energy for our focus in the morning and we don’t have the time for a gym workout or yoga in the morning.

Here is the answer.

A healthy breakfast that keeps you full but not bloated.

Hello my name is Lolo. I’m an shopify agency owner and freelancer, I work ALOT. I work between 9–12 hours a day. Plus I go to the gym 3–4x a week, clean my apartment, meditate daily and meet friends. And I don’t burn out (anymore).

It sounds like oats are getting your life together?

It’s not the oats, it’s the energy the oats deliver to your body. Having your life together is not easy, but absolutely worth it. So we should have nice food in our kitchen to support our body while working with our brains at the home office.

So let’s talk about the oats and why they make me money.

As a breakfast oats are my number one meal, here is why.

Why I love oats and you also should:

  1. gives energy like you are hercules
  2. strengthened the focus (in my case with oats feels like 110%)
  3. keeps you full for a long time
  4. Super duper yummy
  5. Can be eaten sweet and savory
  6. prepare time literally 5 min
  7. prepare the night before so you have the perfect breakfast
  8. also perfect as a snack
  9. can be toasted (my favorite)
  10. Super affordable

I had a phase in the beginning of my career three years ago, where I had absolutely no energy. I’m a coffee junkie and my “breakfast” was two or three cups of coffee in the morning. And I absolutely hated to eat in the morning and somedays I still hate it.

So, I hate this sentence but, breakfast is super important. The MOST important meal of the day, especially if you work a 9–5 or like me 9–7 + hit the gym and so on. Of course if you do fasting and stuff like that it’s different. But in most cases the breakfast is and will be the most important meal.

Oats 100 % changed the game for me, because after my oat breakfast I have more energy and focus and can achieve absolutely everything for my business.

And if you can’t even focus on a task? How do you want to achieve any of your goals?

So grab your oats and build your business and life!

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• E-Commerce Agency Laagentur • Shopify Store Luxuryself • Productivity & Habit Junkie

• E-Commerce Agency Laagentur • Shopify Store Luxuryself • Productivity & Habit Junkie