How I came to be in Cartagena, Columbia is an interesting but long story. Don’t worry, I’m going to try and give you the short version.

When I turned 40 my world literally crashed and burned. I decided that I would rewrite and create an amazing new story for myself. I did the healing work on myself in so many ways. It was amazing.

I was the happiest and healthiest I had ever been in my life. However at 43, I realized that I hadn’t released my attachment to my environments. I had worked on being my best self but I wasn’t living my best life. In some ways I was still playing small. I wasn’t standing in my power of authenticity because I wasn’t being true to me.

So I decided to quit! Yes, you read that write. I quit!! I decided I was in need of another rewrite. It was time to create a new story again with no attachments to what anyone thought. The old stories and programs weren’t working for me. Being a mom, a daughter, a worker, a friend, etc. Was causing me to play a character in everyone else’s story. It was time for me to take the aunthentic lead role in my own story.

I didn’t ask permission from anyone. I didn’t ask anyone’s opinions. I stood in my courage and gave myself the permission I needed to move forward. I dropped my son of to live with his dad and I bought a one way ticket to Cartagena, Columbia.

Was I scared? Yes, of course! I really was angry at the Universe too. I couldn’t understand why it was time for me to make such a huge change alone. I’ve been making huge scary and often lonely changes since 2017.

I cried for a week straight before I left. No plan, no kids, and no excuses. I wanted to run back to comfortable environments and programs. I didn’t run back. I moved forward. I did it scared.

Now that you’re all caught up, I’ll share my stories of my travel experiences. I’ve seen some beautiful things, and been to some fun places and I’ve met some great people. This is the beginning of the most amazing rewrite and I’m excited to share it with you.



Qiana is a licensed professional counselor and Executive Life Coach whose passion is seeing women experience the lives they both desire and deserve.