The Day the Fascist Snowflakes Came to Cancel a Black Lady and a Brown Dude

It began, strangely enough, a noted leftist journalist, who once used to be widely admired. He singled out two minorities — Imani Gandy, a well-known Twitter personality, and, well me. Imani made a joke: “Petition to put white cis dudes on a barge and float them out to sea.” I…

We Need to Rebuild the World For Potential, Not Profit and Power — Or Else We Won’t Have One

I know, I know. Things have gotten dark around here. Sorry. Sometimes…I struggle, too. And then fate intervenes. Patricia emailed to say:

“Your writings are unremittingly dark, with literally no hope that I can ascertain, no suggestions for countering the toxicity of our times. It is very, very hard to…

We Should Probably Care More About the End of Human Civilization. So Why Don’t We?

If there’s one thing that strikes me regularly these days, it’s this observation. Never before has humanity been confronted by such a choice of catastrophes. An age of apocalypse doesn’t just loom — it’s already here. Enjoying another Covid winter? I didn’t think so. And yet…the apathy. …

The Three Great Challenges We Face Now — And Why We Might Be Destined to Fail Them

This year, he’s made best friends with my mom. Snowy and mom eat…digestive biscuits…together…for breakfast. Go figure. Mom’s fallen head over heels for the little guy. Why? Well, because. Like me, she never had a dog before. Even remotely considered having one. You can thank my Republican farmer father-in-law for…

More People Died of Covid in the Last Two Days in America Than on 9/11. So Why Are Americans Pretending Like Covid’s Over?

Here’s a sobering fact. More Americans have died in the last two days of Covid than died on 9/11. The last two days.

Sorry, America. But Covid isn’t over.

I say that for a reason. Americans are acting, by and large, like Covid’s over. It isn’t. If anything, a brutal…

What the Escalation of Violence On America’s Right Means, And Why It Matters

By now, you’ve probably seen the seriously crazy picture above. That’s Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie — who did us all the favour of sharing a picture of his family holding machine guns…sorry, I mean “assault rifles”…after a school shooting that left five kids dead.

What on earth?

Listen. You know…

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