No Mercy No Malice

The greatest assault on American middle-class prosperity is the relentless, four-decade-long inflation in higher education

No Mercy No Malice

Taking a closer look at Warby Parker, Rent the Runway, Allbirds, and On

Person of the Year

I make predictions, which is a shitty business. If they come true, circumstances leading up to the event make the prediction seem less bold. If they don’t, the Twitter troll army comes for you. On a risk-adjusted basis, bad idea.

No Mercy/No Malice

Digital ad fraud could be a $150 billion business by 2025, which would make it the largest criminal enterprise after the drug trade

No Mercy No Malice

A growing cohort of bored, lonely, poorly educated men is a terrifying force in a society addicted to social media and awash in guns

No Mercy No Malice

Firms would love to have us believe that society’s biggest problems can be fixed as our stock portfolios explode in value

Scott Galloway

Prof Marketing @NYUStern · Founder @L2_digital @redenvelope @prophetBrand · Contributor @bloombergtv · Cohost Pivot podcast · Weekly musings

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