Boost your JavaScript knowledge by learning the use cases for map()

The map() function creates a new array resulting from calling a user-supplied callback function. The function visits every element in the calling array. You can see the map() method as going through a loop and writing the statement in the callback function to construct a new array.

What Are the Parameters?

The parameters are…

Improve your JavaScript knowledge by learning the different use cases for Array.from()

The Array.from() is a static method that creates a new Array from array-like objects with a length property and indexed elements or iterable objects such as Map and Set in JavaScript.

What Are the Parameters?

The Array.from() method parameters are an array-like object to convert to an array, a map function to call on…

Learn the different use cases of reduce() and boost your JavaScript knowledge

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The reduce method executes a user-supplied callback function, the “reducer,” on each element of the array. It passes in the return value from the calculation on the preceding element. The result is a single value. It is the result of running the reducer across all elements of the array.

How Does It Work?


Upgrade the performance of your web page with these five browser dev tools

If you want to optimize your web page, don’t start going into your code and changing anything. Instead of doing this, you need to measure the performance of your code to find potential optimizations.

For example, you can count how many HTML roundtrips you have or find the script size…

Step up your JavaScript knowledge with the 10 highest-voted Stack Overflow questions.

Stack Overflow is a website that you can ask questions related to computer engineering, programming, and development. You can also find answers to the questions that come to your mind.

It is more beneficial for JavaScript developers since it is the first language that passed two million questions in Stack…

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