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Make sure to double-check your pull request for these things before you submit

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As a mentor to frontend beginners who have come from a myriad of different backgrounds, including bootcamps and other non-traditional education paths, I have observed many different approaches to coding in React. Part of the beauty of React is that it is generally pretty unopinionated relative to frameworks like Angular…

Confronting your guilt surrounding unit testing and what you can safely skip

It’s late on a Friday afternoon and you’re ready to call it a week and then it happens. A customer reports an issue with the production code that got pushed out the day before. You get a jolt of adrenaline and all other work-related tasks and weekend plans evaporate from…

An opinion regarding the permeating contemplation of Redux vs. Context API

A sign. Future in one direction. Past in the other direction.

Over the last year or so I have encountered several opinions suggesting that the React ecosystem is recommending the deprecation of Redux in their projects in favor of moving towards “modern React” using the Context API. A few episodes on React Podcast have alluded as such (with such notions as…

A cautionary exploration of how a lack of intentional composition can impact your React project

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It is perhaps obvious in software engineering that even a single character in an application’s code can change the semantic meaning for the interpreting computer.

However, it may be less apparent that a single expression, a simple conditional, could impact the design patterns and architecture of a React app over…

Jason Lee Hodges

Author of Software Engineering From Scratch and Engineering Manager. Science and Technology Enthusiast. Top Writer in Film.

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